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Day One – U.S. Trip

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There’s no better way to calm down before a big journey than attend a bible study and that was what i did last night. It was good to meet up with friends and family to read God’s word, pray and have a very good meal at the same time. I’ve spent this morning hoovering and clearing out my fridge. I’ve packed rather a lot in my opinion – my case feels rather heavy. But now my case is on its way to Minneapolis via Amsterdam and I am sitting blogging in the Dalcross Airport by Inverness. As I left my parents home this morning, mum wisely reminded me that The Lord can preserve me just as well on a flight across the Atlantic, or in a hired car in Dallas as he can on Midmills Road or driving across the Black Isle. Dad and I discussed how insignificant so many of our so called ‘problems’ are in the light of eternity as we drove past the fields on the way to the airport. It’s good when Christian parents get you to focus on the needful. I have to admit I’ve been anxious over the last few days – but reminders like this bring me back to the one who is my Lord and Saviour, who has been planning the next month before I even had the idea, ‘Hey why not spend four weeks in America instead of two!’ He controls the apparent chaos of my worries, schedules, overactive imagination, flights, gate changes and what exactly happens at a stop sign in Texas. My U.S. friends are now saying just be thankful you’re not an American having to tackle a round-about for the first time. Well I’ll close with saying ‘I am thankful – very.’ And thankful that the journey has started and that it’s only 29 sleeps before I’m home God willing.


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  1. Best wishes for your trip. Why did your suitcase go on ahead of you, or is that not what you meant?

  2. Oh! Four way stop signs in Texas – very peculiar! I’ve never driven there.

    Mind you coming out of Hartfield Street into Geanies Street in Tain is almost as bad. That junction at the top of Geanies Street is four way and has multiple different priorities (one stop, a couple of give ways, and multiple drive straight through, with caution or otherwise). Needs a mini roundabout and more parking restrictions IMHO.


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