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Enjoyed this entry this morning….

God made both male and female in his image. The New Testament insistence on gender equality (Gal. 3:28; 1 Pet. 3:7), then, isn’t anything new; it appears on the very first page of Scripture. There’s no “one-upping” here between genders, since each is endowed with the honor of imaging and glorifying the King. Male and female are gloriously equal in the eyes of God. But equal does not mean equivalent. We’re equal because we’re both image bearers, not because we’re the same. Just as the persons of the Trinity enjoy equality of worth with distinction in role, so those fashioned in the triune image flourish with distinction in the context of equality. The unity-in-diversity of the genders mirrors the unity-in-diversity of the Godhead. …

through the work of Jesus God’s broken image is being beautifully restored—day after day after day—in you (Col. 3:10).

“So what do you do?” Most fundamentally, I rest in the performance of Another.|+Karis%29


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