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Summary of John Piper’s talk at CDG tonight

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I have had a good day at CDG today. Loved seeing the good reception 66 Books One Story has been getting at the book table. That pile of books certainly has gone down. Met old friends and made new ones. Everyone loves my accent! Several people ask me to speak just for the pleasure of listening to my vowels.

Definitely ready for a good night’s rest but before I sign off here is a summary of John Piper’s talk on the holiness of God … taken from 1 Peter chapter 1.

Three commands …
1. Hope Fully.
2. Become holy.
3. Conduct yourselves with fear in all of your conduct…

Live in holy fear of bringing any reproach on the one who ransomed you in infinite price. Tremble at the prospect of heaping insult on the ransom of Jesus as if it were not of infinite value.

There is a holy fear of God that does not destroy strong full hope in God but strengthens, stabilises and purifies it.

God does not like to be run away from… so slow down and turn.

Also bring up your children to taste the holiness of God the hope and the holy fear of God…to have it planted in their own soul, that they be born of the Holy Spirit and become children of the Holy Father. Linger long over strange and wonderful things you find in your Bible.

Good night all. looking forward to hearing Bruce Ware and Jason Meyers tomorrow.


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