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Countdown to Christmas 14, 15, 16

A good idea for a Child’s Christmas gift is a Children’s Story Bible.

Now I don’t want to start this blog post about story Bibles without asking does your child have a full bible of their own? They should. Whatever age they are at they need to know that you place a high importance on God’s Word – in its entirety.

I think children’s story bibles and story books have their place – but the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation needs to be front and centre.

Which is why it is important for you when buying children’s story bibles to look at the content and be discerning. The artwork is very important in many different ways – I may blog about that at some other point. But your attention definitely needs to go beyond the visual appeal to the words.

  1. There should be more than just the usual stories, especially if you’re purchasing a children’s story bible for a slightly older child.
  2. There should be something in the book that encourages the child to actually look up a full bible. Every story should at the very least give a bible reference, or make it clear that God’s Word is a book on its own.
  3. There should be a opportunity to apply the message to the life.

So with that I’ll point you towards three different children’s bible story books that are good gift options starting with the youngest…

  1. Little Hands Life of Jesus – this is a book aimed at 3-6 year olds that tells the story of Jesus’ life from his birth to the ascension.
  2. The New Children’s Bible by Anne de Vries. Well told and realistically illustrated this book is a good option for children who are ready to read on their own – but it’s also a great read aloud edition.
  3. The Bible Explorer. This title is definitely one to use alongside the Bible. It’s aimed at the older child and has loads of extra features that draw the reader deeper into scripture. This title is an excellent way of introducing children to Jesus Christ in all of scripture

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