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Countdown to Christmas 17, 18, 19, 20

Whether it’s something to keep a child quiet at the dinner table, or a book that will keep them busy if the weather is just too grim to be going outside one of the books you’ll likely be look for in the countdown to Christmas is an activity book.

They take many shapes and forms and there are ones that are suitable for younger children and the more demanding older kid.

Take for example the simple colouring book. Why not purchase a few of the Colour the Bible series and lay them out as place mats or on a child’s dining room chair along with a packet of crayons. There are many different ones to chose from but if you need a suggestion how about this one on the book of Luke:

If you’re looking for something that’s going to last a bit longer than the Christmas meal then for a younger child My Bible ABC is a good option. With 26 simple stories and colouring pages.

Older children need something a bit more stretching. The Puzzle n’ Learn series would work well in this instance. Something you would put in their stocking or have ready for a quick half hour or more of down time. The Greatest Gift is a good choice for this time of year but there are several others you can choose from too.

And then the Bible Detectives series covers several Old and New testament books but again the book on Luke would be a good Christmas choice. There is hours worth of codes and puzzles in here – enough to keep any child busy over the festive weekend.


Psalms – New colouring books

ImageIf you’re always looking for new activity books for kids here are four new colouring books from Christian Focus and they are on the Psalms which makes them a bit different… just follow the link

On the Way Around the World

ImageI’m going to try and set up a semi regular blog whenever i hear about different churches that are using the On the Way material around the world. Today i received a request from a church in Singapore who are using the curriculum. It just goes to show how multicultural this material is. It has everything you need for teaching God’s Word to a variety of ages but is flexible enough to allow you to adapt it to your needs as a small or large church, a community group or family.  If you want to find out about this material which is being used by the church across the globe follow the links below to the English editions… and if you use it yourself I’d love to hear from you. If you like send me a photo of your group or the crafts/puzzles they’ve done.





VBS/Holiday Club:

Games books:

God’s special tent


I know of one or two families who are using this book by Jean Stapleton as a basis for a family bible time or just a simple activity time that has a spiritual emphasis. It’s amazing to see the theology that comes through in the building and design of the Tabernacle. Jean Stapleton does a wonderful job of bringing this teaching to a young child’s level. The cut tabernacle project that is included with this book is an additional fun focus. This is a project to get your teeth into – in more ways than one – as cereal boxes can be a great source of cardboard! And you’ll find yourself needing quite a bit of that!!

I think this book will be a great back to school project for Sunday schools and families.

CF4K Coming Soon: God’s Special Tent


This is another excellent book to get your kids into theology – and modelling. Jean Stapleton’s book – God’s Special Tent combines the great rainy day activity of making your own tabernacle model along with the excellent teaching about what the Tabernacle actually means. There is a cut out section in the middle of the book along with detailed instructions.

Follow this link to find out more and purchase your own copy.

Summer Bible Fun

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In case you haven’t noticed the Summer holidays are just a few weeks away. Are any of you looking for fillers in for your Sunday School curriculum? Take a look at the website for Christian Focus and look up -God’s Zoo – Creation to Salvation using animal stories in the bible; God’s Secret Agent – Joseph; God’s Miracle Worker – Elijah and Message Unstoppable – Acts. Four books with six sunday school lessons for children aged 5-10. Gospel centred, loads of fun.

You can order on line now so all you need for a busy, bible summer is just a click away.

Colouring Books


Christian Focus Publications have a very popular series of colouring books: Colour the Bible. This series of books apparently have just been printed in a well known Islamic country by one of the Bible Socities with the view of handing them out to 300,000 school children in that country. These colouring books are ideal for the slightly older child who is learning to write as there are words to fill in.

The Bible Heroes series by the same publisher is also better for older children as the colouring required is quite detailed.

The Learn About God colouring books however are ideally suited to a pre-school or early reader as the cartoon illustrations are simple and the fill in words not too complicated. These also accompany a full colour board book series.

I love the new set of colouring books CFP have done which take big words and the bible verses that use them. These books are great ways to familiarise children with the biblical use of words such as Creation and Holiness.