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My 12 Books of Christmas #11


The Parables of Jesus

So much of what I’ve been reading this year has been influenced by what I’ve been writing. Several weeks during the spring and summer were taken up with writing a new series for children called Stories of Jesus, a set of books on the parables.

Now if you’ve grown up in a Christian home, been part of a Sunday school or church then the stories that Jesus told will have featured in some way or other in church services or a kids story time.

Many of you will feel that you know the parables… the lost sheep, the good Samaritan, the prodigal son. I know I did. However, it was when I was reading Terry Johnson’s book: The Parables of Jesus, that I discovered that although I did know those stories, there was a lot more to them than I at first realised.

The parables introduce us to God. He has the central role in many of these stories, you just have to be aware that he is the Father running down the road towards the young boy smelling of pig shit. He is the shepherd racing around the neighbourhood shouting ‘Rejoice I have found my lost sheep.’ He is the foreigner showing up the religious goody-two-shoes who have abandoned the wounded traveller at the side of the road.

The parables also introduce us to ourselves for we appear in these stories too… we’re the foolish girls who have no oil for their lamps on a dark night, we’re the numb-skull servant who succeeds in doing nothing except seriously offend his master, we’re the brash builder who takes the easy route only to get the hard lesson.

This book is actually my favourite read of the last twelve months.

But I haven’t read book number 12 yet…


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