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Countdown to Christmas 7, 8, 9, 10

Four book recommendations in this blog post and not a Christmas book amongst them!

I don’t want to be accused of stereotyping … but pretty much boys will be boys and girls will be girls and everyone likes a best seller. That’s what this blog post is saying today.

  1. Boys Like Monkeys. …  Saturday proved that for me when I was doing a kids story time at church. Instead of picking the book myself… I would probably have picked a Christmas book, something seasonal … I let the children choose the book. An eight year old called Aiden immediately pointed to The Jungle Doctor Fable Book and I read the cracking story about the monkeys who didn’t believe in crocodiles. As always there is a moral to the story – and as always Paul White doesn’t mince his words. Just as the monkeys in the story foolishly refused to believe in the reality of the dangerous crocodile – we can ignore at our peril the danger of sin. Thankfully the monkeys are saved just in the nick of time by Twiga the giraffe. And Paul White clearly identifies our saviour in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Girl’s Like Dolls… they do. And with all the types of dolls there are these days there always seems to be a style for everyone. It’s no longer just barbies … I really like the look of some of the American girl dolls that are more realistic. But it is the truth – generation after generation of girls like their dolls. If you’ve got a little girl whose heart just warms at the sight of one of those crying, peeing, all be it, plastic babies the book: What’s in the Parcel about Helen Roseveare is just the ticket. This is a missionary story, that involves a baby, a little girl, a parcel and a doll. It’s a great read.
  3. Everyone likes a best seller… And if these two books are new titles to you then you need to get in on the act. The Lightkeepers biographies have been our top sellers in children’s books for years now. Ten Girls who changed the World and Ten Boys who Changed the World – are a great way to introduce your 7-12 year olds to real life Christian heroes and heroines. Ten short bios in each book, with extra features that make these books ideal devotionals. A really good gift that keeps on giving.

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