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My Twelve Books of Christmas #9 & 10

A huge part of my life this last twelve to eighteen months has been the Book of Acts.

That’s why I’m blogging about two books in this one post here… my Bible Study has been working through the books of Acts with the help of these two titles in the Geared for Growth series.

The Early Church: A Study in Acts 1-12

Worldwide Evangelistation: A Study in Acts 13-28

What can I say about these books…. they’ve been a fairly new discovery for our Bible study group though my mum and dad have been singing their praises for years. So listen to your parents!

The good thing about the whole Geared for Growth series is that they are books that are great for new believers and for mature believers. The questions can be simple and straight forward but also draw out in depth discussions. They can encourage you to get into the meat of a topic. These books not only get you reading the passage of scripture, but point you to other parts of the bible that are relevant. The questions often bring in your life experiences, and when you have a varied study group like we do that means input from different professions, ages, backgrounds… the new Christian and the older Christian learning from each other. And these study books really facilitate that.

These books on Acts have been exciting because Acts is exciting. Every chapter either has a journey or a riot or a dramatic escape! It’s non stop! And there are so many practical challenges that we need to engage with as the church today.

The Early Church has a lot to teach us, and these books are a great tool for that.

The additional feature that this study series has that others don’t is how it is designed in such a way that you can use it as a personal devotional book throughout the week.


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