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My Twelve Books of Christmas #7


I’ve posted a couple of times about this on face book. The Title has come out at just the right time for me as my pastor is working through the book of Ecclesiastes in our church services. He confessed to how Ecclesiastes had been one of those books he had been anxious about preaching through, but that he thought that pastors should tackle those books of the bible they weren’t so confident about.

I’ve been enjoying his preaching and I’ve enjoyed this book. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the subtitle – The Gospel in Ecclesiastes. I do believe that Jesus Christ can be seen in all the scripture but I have to admit I stopped and looked twice at this subtitle. I suppose it’s not a new concept to me… but it was still something of a surprise.

Why Everything Matters: The Gospel in Ecclesiastes

Though I’m blogging about this title I haven’t yet finished it, I’ve been keeping it for Sunday reading. But I’ll whet your appetite for it by giving you a couple of the paragraphs that have jumped out at me:

Almost every verse in Ecclesiastes shows us how much we need a Savior to make all things new. When John Wesley preached his way through this great book of the Bible, he described in his journal what it was like to begin his sermon series. ‘Began expounding the Book of Ecclesiastes,’ he wrote. ‘Never before had I so clear a sight either of its meaning or beauties. Neither did I imagine, that the several parts of it were in so exquisite a manner connected together, all tending to prove the grand truth, that there is no happiness out of God.’20

Remember this whenever you get frustrated, sad, angry, or disappointed with everything in life that is getting broken, falling apart, and going wrong. Remember this when you feel overwhelmed and are tempted to wonder why you should even bother—with your work, with a relationship, with your faith. You were made for a new and better world. The very fact that you are weary of this life is pointing you to Jesus as the only One who can satisfy your soul.


We should not leave Ecclesiastes 1 without remembering that Jesus entered into all the vanity and vexation of life under the sun to show us the wise way to live. If we follow Jesus and His wisdom, we will not try to bend what is crooked back to our own purpose, but humbly submit to the way God wants things to be, just as Jesus did when He went to the crooked cross and died for our sins (see 1 Pet. 2:21-24).

If we follow the wisdom of Jesus Christ, eventually life will add up … it may not seem to add up on this side of eternity. But leave the final calculations to Jesus, and He will make sure that all the books balance in the end, including our personal account, which He has reconciled with His own blood.

Our present vexation will not last forever, including all our struggles to understand the meaning of life. Soon, our sorrows will be over. We will be with Jesus forever, and find the answers to all our questions in Him.

You can definitely see the Gospel in this book!



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