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My Twelve Books of Christmas #3


The Third Book in my list is

Far Above Rubies: The Life of Bethan Lloyd-Jones

The Christian church has many women throughout its history who have been vital and energetic workers for God’s kingdom. Most of them do not share the accolades or column space that their male counterparts do. A lot of them are like Bethan Lloyd Jones – the help behind the hero, with their work and influence known only to a few close friends and family.

This book on Bethan Lloyd Jones goes some way to informing the rest of us what only a cherished few were aware of in the past – that Bethan Lloyd Jones, the wife of Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones, was of great value in the ministry of her husband – her worth was in fact Far Above Rubies.

This is a refreshingly honest account, one that not only challenges and encourages you  but also brings a smile to your face as you read about this witty and wise woman of faith.

I love it when you read a biography and you come face to face with the human, not the ‘biography character’ – and this is what you witness in this book… Bethan Lloyd Jones, flesh and bone and soul.

This is a great gift to give to any woman, particularly a pastor’s wife, but don’t leave out the guys… someone who has enjoyed reading ‘The Doctor’s’ books in the past will relish this insight to his life.

Again here are a couple of good endorsements of the material:

What a rich and colorful portrait, of a godly woman who served her Savior with wit and wisdom…This is a portrait worth stopping to relish and study.

Kathleen B. Nielson, Director of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition

A lovely portrait of a lovely woman of God!…The wisdom and insight drawn from Bethan’s life will be of great encouragement and help to today’s pilgrims.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Author, Revive Our Hearts & radio host, Niles, Michigan


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