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My Twelve Books of Christmas #2

little bird

The second book in my List: Twelve Books of Christmas – is not a Christmas book. In fact none of the titles in this list fit that seasonal mold – though if you’re looking for gifts and even stocking fillers for the adults in your family this year any of these titles would suit.

This book:

A Little Bird Told Me: Everyday Expressions from Scripture

is a relaxing read, a curl-up-by-the-fire sort of title and a real book lovers book. You know the sort of person who posts on facebook pictures of libraries and gorgeous leather bound books? I could probably tag over half my friends under this description. Well they are just the sort of person who will enjoy digging around these little devotionals.

Timothy Cross has taken 52 well known phrases from the English language and shows us how these phrases have their origins in the Bible. So many of these expressions are ones that I use in everyday life. You’ll even hear them used by people who walk past you in the supermarket or sit beside you on the bus.

A guy stocking shelves in Tesco’s the other day said ‘O ye of little faith’ to his colleague.

I don’t know how many times over the years someone has said to me, ‘Rise and Shine’ as I’ve struggled bleary eyed out of bed.

Just two of the expressions in this book that you will discover have their roots in the Scripture! The English language owes a lot to the Bible. But this book by Timothy Cross is not just a study in linguistics – it’s an enlightening devotional. As well as studying the origins of these sayings the author goes deeper into the spiritual meanings of the phrases.



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