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I was at a Barbeque over the weekend which was a real traditional one – a pile of logs, lots of natural flame and masses of sausages. There were heaps of kids charging around relishing the outdoors and the extra calories provided by the protein and carbs. They burned it off alright along with the help of two rather friendly dogs.

The adults stood around the bonfire chatting and before too long we’d all introduced ourselves, worked out who was connected to who, whose kids were in school, which ones were going to school next year or were moving up to the academy.

During those conversations I was introduced to a mother who had what was rather a good problem… her oldest boy devours books. He reads well above his age range but finding books that suit his reading ability and his emotional stage is tricky. It’s a problem I’ve come across before with confident able readers. You have eight year olds with  good reading skills and a great vocabulary but they are not ready to read many of the books that are published for twelve year olds.

The mother who was speaking to me about this at the Barbeque got an email from me this morning recommending the following series:

History Lives. It has a great narrative style and doesn’t shrink away from solid historical teaching. If your youngster seems ready to go to the next stage this could very well be the series you’ve been looking for.

Jungle Doctor series. This is a cross between a hospital drama and a safari adventure – written by a missionary doctor, Paul White. They are based on true life stories from a selection of missionaries in Africa.


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