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New Title: God’s Family: The Greatest Royal Family Ever

9781781913567Two of my nieces are decking out their bedroom in Union Jack Flags. When my parents hung out with the older kids in London this year they went to see the parade for the Queen’s official birthday. They had front row spots outside Buckingham Palace. Let’s just say I think they are becoming patriotic, and certainly keen on the British Royal Family.

The whole idea of princes and princesses is something that fires a young child’s imagination. Following the royal wedding in 2011 and with all the interest in the young prince George thoughts began to spark around my own head about how God has more power than any king and that we can be part of his family – the greatest royal family ever. With those thoughts a book began…

Here are a few of the commendations the publisher got for the book:

Treat your children like royalty by reading them this little book which will introduce them to the family of God.

Tim Challies ~ Blogger at

In ten lessons that will connect with young princes and princesses everywhere, Catherine Mackenzie explores the royal treasure that is … God’s grace.

Jared Kennedy ~ Family Pastor, Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky

God’s Family will capture your children’s imaginations, educate their minds and reach their souls.

Marty Machowski, Pastor, Author of The Gospel Story Bible and the Gospel Story Curriculum

Absolutely love it! It is simple but thorough in helping children of all ages understand what it means to become a Christian.

Connie Dever ~ Wife of Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington D.C.


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