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Best Sellers: Tough Questions by Joel Beeke


This book is written by a well-known pastor and author: Joel Beeke based in Grand Rapids Michigan and it is one of the books on our top selling list at Christian Focus for Kids.

The book started on Joel’s side of the Atlantic with the questions that many youngsters had fired his way in his church. They would write to him about God, the Bible, faith, doctrine… and he would with ‘a pastor’s heart’ respond to them, always careful to point them to scripture and to Christ.

Well, two years ago or so I was a leader at a church youth camp and in charge of a young girl’s bible study. I’ve never been involved in a bible study quite like it before or since. There were a lot of questions – and thought provoking ones at that.

At the end of the week I discussed some of these with my parents who suggested that I should find someone to write a book using questions just like these.

I emailed round a handful of heavy-weight theologians and Joel Beeke replied with ‘I’ve already started a book like this.’

These words to an editor are like Gold!

The rest as they say is history. With a mixture of questions from kids this and that side of the Atlantic – and a pastor’s patient and God honouring replies we now have this book called Tough Questions.

That should make the next Bible study easier!


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