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Bestsellers: Bible Time Series

ImageAt the top of our best selling bible stories this week is a book on Esther. it is part of the Bible time series – the first series that Christian Focus Publications published back in the day when my two sisters and I were the inspiration and the guinea pigs behind several of my parent’s publishing ideas.

You see when we three girls came along my parents started to realise that books were

1. A good way to keep us quiet 🙂

2. A great way to teach us.

3. An even greater way to teach us the truth of God’s Word.

However, there weren’t many Christian books for kids around at that time and certainly not many that took the Bible as seriously as our family did. Often when we were being read a bible story book we asked our parents ‘Did that really happen in the Bible?’ ‘Does the Bible really say that?’ That was when our parents would have to reply, ‘Well. No. That’s not in the Bible.’

So eventually Mum and Dad decided to try publishing for themselves.

Their first two books – Gideon the Soldier of God and Mary the Mother of Jesus – became a set of sixteen different titles.

Follow this link to see what I’m blogging about….

You’ll notice that there are four titles in Scots Gaelic – just one of the languages these books have been translated into.

If you were to ask us today how many copies of these books have been sold across the world it would be difficult to say. I am not exaggerating when I say that officially there are hundreds of thousands of these books in circulation … and then there are the unofficial copies of these books that were printed under the noses of the communist government in Poland and other Eastern European countries during the Cold War… but that’s a story for another time.


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