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Bestsellers: God is Faithful

ImageAs of today (11th March 2014) I am going to do a series of posts on some of our kid’s best selling titles at Christian Focus Publications. Today the title at the top of the chart on Top Sellers in CF4 Kids is … God is Faithful by Carine Mackenzie… this is part of the Learn About God Series.

I have grown up with the Learn About God series as well as Bible Time and Bible Wise. These books were amongst the first my mother wrote. Publishing was a family experience for us – the word publishing was as familiar to me as Birthday or Weekend. New books were to be celebrated but they were also just another part of life. The Learn About God series was not only written by my mum but initially, when it was a series illustrated by photographs, my Dad provided some of the images.

My sisters and I along with a huge crowd of cousins and friends were used as the models – whether we were particularly photogenic or not. One day though, it was decided that we needed the skills of a professional photographer. … professional models however? What a waste of money when you’ve got seventeen grandchildren and umpteen friends from Sunday school. So a huge crowd of us kids  spent most of the day posing. I wonder how the photographer managed it? I can never get my nieces and nephews to sit still for a photo far less look ‘normal’. Somebody always has to have a silly grin on their face. But anyway I suppose that’s why you get in the professional – he got us to do what he wanted and then there was only one or two photographs left to get. But one of them needed to have a picture of a sad child. Just then a young cousin obligingly tripped and hit his knee – floods of tears – Photographer starts to snap. Then five minutes later, plaster on knee, sweetie in mouth, the same child was smiling and playing on a slide. Photographer snaps again. Two perfect photographs to illustrate the fact that we can be sad one minute and happy the next – but that God never changes.

This little series has had quite a face lift since those early days – instead of photos (our 80s fashions did date rather quickly) – we now use bright cartoon illustrations and the durable card board is a challenge to the most destructive toddler.

However, the message is still the same – God is Faithful, God is Kind, God has Power, God Never Changes, God Knows Everything and God is Everywhere.

Look at these books for yourself – who knew that getting doctrine into children could be such fun!


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