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Family Heroes: George Muller

ImageI think, in the current economic climate, there would be an international outcry if the C.E.O. of a main high street bank or financial institution was found guilty of fraud. What then if he was given the responsibility for millions of dollars of charitable donations, as well as the day-to-day running of several children’s homes?

I can see the miles of newsprint now, endless blog articles and facebook entries, twitter would be going ape. There would be an outcry – and justifiably so.

Now George Muller was not the C.E.O. of a major financial institution but during his young adult life he was guilty, several times, of financial fraud – even close friends and family members were betrayed in this manner.

And then one day his crimes caught up with him as he tried to get out from paying his bills at a local hostelry. The police apprehended him and he spent time in jail for his misdemeanours. It appeared to many of George’s contacts and loved ones that this young man was bent on a life of petty crime.

However, something happened which changed all that – because the young man you wouldn’t have trusted with your pocket money became a Christian and a man entrusted with millions and the welfare of thousands of orphaned children.

George Muller had been someone who was out for personal gain and pleasure but the Lord Jesus Christ changed George, he was transformed. Now he trusted in the living God, followed his commands and prayed. Oh how he prayed!

George had always wanted money in the past – now he realised that he needed it but that he needed God to provide. Money didn’t just build up in a bank account to be used conveniently as and when George and the orphans had need of it. Often the coffers and the cupboards were bare. There were days, in fact, when George knew there was no food left – nothing for an evening meal. It was because of days like this that George Muller learned to rely on the one true God and on the gift of prayer. Muller’s life of prayer demonstrated his faith in his faithful God. Every time he and the orphans had a great need it was met by their great God.

One day the children’s home needed serious repairs. The heating system had broken down in the middle of winter. George Muller prayed to God about this. The builders agreed to work on the problem day and night until it was sorted. And just at that exact time unseasonably warm weather blew in meaning that the children could spend their time outside in the fresh-air letting the builders crack on with the job in hand.

Even small needs were met like forks and jugs for the orphanage and a much needed last penny to purchase bread. God, the loving heavenly Father used an ex fraudster to show the world that God can do anything, we can trust in him and that he is the hearer and answerer of prayer.

George Muller then should be one of your heroes and your family’s heroes. Introduce your children to this hero of the faith and the power of prayer through the following Christian Focus books:

Age 5+

Little Lights: George Muller – Does money grow on trees?

Age 8-12

Lightkeepers: Ten Boys Who Changed the World

Age 9-14

Trailblazers: George Muller – The Children’s Champion


History Makers: George Muller – Delighted in God


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