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Family Heroes: Joni Eareckson Tada



Here is another modern day Christian heroine. Her story starts in the 1960s but has a strong resonance with teenagers today because her story is essentially the story of an active teenager, who after a life of sports and horseriding and swimming took a dive and broke her spine, becoming paralyzed from the shoulders down. Her story pulls teenagers in through her honesty about the accident itself, her struggles, fears and doubts as she desperately hoped for and sought healing – not finding the healing she looked for but something else entirely.

Because this story of Joni’s is not just about an accident, or a disability, it’s not just about rehab or the battle against depression. Joni’s story is about her journey to a faith in Jesus Christ, her Saviour and Lord – and a healing of the heart and soul.

This story is about the life she gives back to Christ through her ministry to other people who struggle with disabilities.

She is a Christian heroine for a modern world.

You are just as likely to read about her in a movie magazine as in a church newspaper.

You’ll see her on the red carpet at an awards ceremony but you’ll also see her singing and laughing with families who are raising funds to buy wheelchairs for the third world.

Joni has written many books about her own life. Check out her website at

But you may be interested in the following youth biography about Joni published by Christian Focus Publications

And the following books from the Christian Focus Publications list that she has taken the time to endorse and recommend:


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