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Family Heroes: Corrie ten Boom

ImageCorrie ten Boom’s story is not glamorous or romantic – it’s a story of grit and heroism and sacrifice.

She wasn’t a woman who sat at home waiting for life to come to her, or love for that matter. She went out and did things.

Before the war she became the first licensed female watchmaker in Holland. After a heart felt disappointment when a young man she loved married somebody else she devoted her life to giving love to others. She ran a church for the mentally ill and even raised foster children in the family home in Haarlem, Holland.

When Holland was invaded during the second world war she showed her heroism by joining the Dutch resistance movement. With her family she hid many Jewish refugees inside their home – a secret hiding place was even devised for them behind the wall of Corrie’s bedroom.

The entire ten Boom family were eventually arrested after a Dutch informant told the Nazi’s about what they had been up to. None of the Jewish refugees were discovered but Corrie’s father, Casper ten Boom, died in prison ten days after his arrest. Her sister Betsie also died in a concentration camp several months later. However, Corrie was mistakenly released from Ravensbruck concentration camp due to a clerical error. 1945 saw the defeat of the German forces and the end of the war – but the beginning of Corrie’s international ministry and writing career.

She focused primarily on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the need of forgiveness –showing this through her own life when she later met one of the guards from the concentration camp. Reluctant at first to forgive him she prayed that she would be able to.

Corrie later testified that “For a long moment we grasped each other’s hands, the former guard and the former prisoner. I had never known God’s love so intensely as I did then.”

A woman like this needs to be your and your family’s heroine.

Introduce her then through the following books published by Christian Focus Publications:

Age 6-7

Little Lights: Corrie ten Boom – Are all of the Watches Safe?

Age 8-12

Lightkeepers: Ten Girls Who Changed the World

Age 9-14

Trailblazers: Corrie ten Boom – The Watchmaker’s Daughter


Women of Faith and Courage

Feminine Threads


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