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Family Heroes: John Bunyan

ImageJohn Bunyan is known now for writing one of the most famous Christian books in the English language: The Pilgrim’s Progress. This was a remarkable feat for a man whose adult life began mending pots and pans. His life as a tinker was semi-nomadic and semi-skilled but following his 16th birthday he decided to leave his home and profession to enlist in the army.

His life and language were notorious amongst his peers causing some of them to remark that John Bunyan was “the ungodliest fellow for swearing that they ever heard.”

How did such a man as this come from a life of profanity to a life of preaching? And what about that famous book he wrote? Find out more about John Bunyan the man and his writing by making him one of your family heroes and reading the following books from Christian Focus Publications:

Age 5-7

1. The Family Pilgrim’s Progress

Age 8-12

2. The Pilgrim’s Progress paperback

3. Ten boys who used their talents

Age 9-14

4. Trailblazer. John Bunyan: Journey of a Pilgrim


5. The Pilgrim’s Progress

6. Grace Abounding

7. The Heavenly Footman


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