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Family Heroes: John Calvin

ImageJohn Knox was buried in what eventually turned out to be a car park but his contemporary John Calvin was deliberately buried in an unmarked grave in the Cimetiere des Rois. The location of the grave is unknown but a stone was added in the 19th century to mark a grave that is traditionally thought to be Calvin’s. Again this quiet, inconspicuous burial site does not reflect the man himself and what the church as a whole owes him. But it does reflect the Reformed church’s fear at that time that people would flock to Calvin’s grave making him an idol.

Making sure that you and your family are familiar with men like Knox and Calvin is essential. You will be reminded of the heresies they fought and that are still prevalent today. You will realise what the church has gone through in past generations and may have to go through in the future. The life story of Calvin and his writings bring us back to a biblical gospel – a treasure trove of truth.

Again Christian Focus Publications has a selection of age appropriate material that you and your family can read together

Age range 5-7

Little Lights: John Calvin – What is the Truth

Age range 8-12

Lightkeepers: Ten boys who made a Difference

Age range 9-14

Trailblazer: John Calvin – After Darkness Light


John Calvin His Life and Influence;

History Maker: John Calvin – Revolutionary, Theologian, Pastor

i hope these are helpful.


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