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One of the things you’re continually doing in editorial is trying to spot mistakes. Proofreading mistakes frequently sneak their way in to a book – you are always having to make sure you’re not just reading what you want to read. But the same is true with pictures – this one is a case in point. I’ll leave it up to you to see if you can spot quite a big mistake or maybe two. Explaining to the artist who is in Belgium how to correct this error might end up being quite tricky.

You’ll see the corrected version of this image hopefully in a new children’s colouring book: Colour the Psalms – Guidance due out in May in the U.K. and June in the U.S.


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I'm a writer and children's book editor based in Scotland.

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  1. 1) She can’t see herself at that angle in a mirror, so whilst the artist can see her, she must be looking at the artist in the mirror, not herself. Then again you don’t need a mirror to brush your teeth so that’s not altogether unfeasible. But the reflection appears to show her looking carefully at herself.

    2) The mug of toothbrushes is not reflected in the mirror and it should be.


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