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Mission Partner: Truth Ministries International


Truth Ministries International is another mission organisation that we’ve had the privilege of working with at Christian Focus Publications. They have translated Jesus the Saviour from our Bible Alive series as well as Saul: Journeys of Adventure from our Biblewise sereis.  Follow this link to find out about the amazing things they do;

What Truth Ministries International believes:

We CARE FOR BODY AND SOUL by touching the lives of all human beings who need a helping hand. Jesus taught us to love thy neighbours as ourselves and we promote this by caring for the less fortunate around us. We believe in the religious freedom of people and aim only for their betterment.

We see education, humanitarian activities and vocational training as the main tools for a sustainable solution to the poverty we see around us. We believe in providing freedom of movement to the disabled population to help them lead an independent life. We believe that children who are differently abled are created with special love from Lord to bring us more close to him. We promote Christian literature in various languages for the moral and spiritual development of the readers. We reach out to the people during natural calamities as we believe that no one should stand alone in times of trouble. We work among the tribal and backward classes to uplift them as they are the most suppressed group in our society.

Above all we believe in creating a better today for those in need around us, so that they can build the best for their future. We believe in helping human beings enjoy a life of dignity and productivity.


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