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Far-Fetched Story 3: Me-Me Morgan’s Magnificent Catastrophe

Me-Me Morgan was an enthusiastic little girl. She loved to climb the highest, run the fastest and be the best at everything. Whenever her mother asked if anyone wanted to come to the shops Me-Me would yell out ‘Me-me!’ Whenever the teacher wanted someone to lead the soccer team Me-Me would be on her feet in an instant ‘Me-me! I want to do it.’ Me-Me always wanted to be the first chosen for basket-ball, the only one to score a goal in hockey and at the end of the week Me-Me liked nothing better than having her name at the top of the class leader board!

‘Boy I’m good,’ she thought to herself enthusiastically as she ran past all her schoolmates on the way home. ‘I can outrun anyone. Look at all those slow coaches.’

Her brother and sister waved frantically at her but she paid them no heed whatsoever. ‘I’m not going to wait for them. They should speed up.’ Me-Me knew that there would be a lovely supper of her favourite sandwiches waiting in the fridge at home – ‘First come first served,’ thought Me-Me – ‘and it’s going to Me!’ she laughed as she flung her rucksack on the porch floor and bounced into the kitchen.

Mum was out and had left a note for the Morgan children to help themselves to the sandwiches in the fridge.

Me-Me did just that – she picked all her favourites from the plate – which happened to be her brother’s favourites too and wolfed them down. Before you could say ‘wholemeal bagel and cream cheese’ Me-Me was wiping her face and running out of the house again.

Her brother and sister had just turned the corner and waved and yelled at Me-Me to stop – but she didn’t. She charged on. Me-Me knew that there was only one copy left at the newsagent of the latest ‘Whiz-bang’ magazine. Me-Me’s desk buddy at school was desperate to get it but Me-Me knew that if she ran really fast she’d definitely get there first and that was all that Me-Me wanted.

Out of breath and a little red in the face Me-Me charged into the newsagent and plonked her money on the counter. The last copy of Whiz-bang was promptly snatched out of the shop-keeper’s hand and Me-Me was off again.

Oddly enough as Me-Me was rushing out the door she spotted her brother and sister running and waving and shouting at her from the top of the road.

‘They are such silly kids,’ she thought to herself as she disappeared round the corner. ‘You’d never think we were from the same family!’

Finally Me-Me saw the sports centre in the distance – this was what she had been waiting for. If she ran a little faster, and pushed herself a little further she’d get to the sports centre with plenty of time to spare. The try-outs for the local athletics club were being held there and Me-Me knew that they were also choosing the team captain tonight. ‘That’s going to be Me,’ Me-Me thought smugly to herself.

With a hop, skip and a jump Me-Me swung through the sports centre door only to be met by absolute chaos. Water was pouring from the ceiling, mops and buckets were everywhere and just then Me-Me’s brother and sister arrived at the sports centre puffed out and totally exhausted. ‘Didn’t you hear us shout you?’ Her brother asked. ‘Didn’t you see us wave?’

‘We ran after you for ever such a long time,’ her sister complained. ‘The athletics meeting is being held at school instead. If you don’t get there in the next five minutes…’

Me-Me gasped, ‘I won’t be chosen for the team captain!’

‘Never mind that,’ her brother exclaimed. ‘You won’t get chosen for the team at all!’

Me-Me froze on the spot and didn’t move an inch. If she ran she might make it – but all of a sudden she had no energy left – not even a smidgen. She’d ran home, she’d ran to the newsagents and she’d ran to the sports-centre. Now her legs couldn’t run anymore. She just sat there glumly, her head resting on her knees.

‘Who wants a race home?’ Me-Me’s brother asked, grinning.

Me-Me said nothing.


Oh dear poor ‘Me-Me’ – she’s been running around all day doing her thing and paying little or no attention to anyone else. She wanted the sandwiches so she ran home to get at them first. She wanted the last copy of that magazine even though she knew her friend really wanted it too. Finally the one thing that she really wanted just couldn’t be got at all. If only she’d stopped for a minute to pay some attention to others she might have heard about the sports centre and the flood and the new venue for the try-outs.

It’s important to try our best at things – Me-Me was good at that – but she was also selfish. We’re to pay attention to others needs before our own.

We’ve also got to listen to God. He has given us his word the Bible. This is full of wise words and teaching for us. There are warnings in it too – but if you just go on your own way without paying attention to what God is saying then you’re walking straight into a catastrophe. God is warning us that today is the day to pay attention to him, to ask for forgiveness of our sins and to be saved.

2 Corinthians 6:2 Now is the time of God’s favour, now is the day of salvation.

Psalm 107: 43 Whoever is wise, let him heed these things and consider the great love of the LORD.


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