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Far-fetched Story 1. Fetch-me MacGillveray and her Humungous pile of presents

I’ve done a little story clear out on my computer and have decided to post up a few far-fetched cautionary tales with a little bible twist at the end. These haven’t been published. Just a little bit out of the usual for me and my publisher. But fun.


Fetch-me MacGillveray was on very top form. Today was her birthday – and that was the very best day of the whole year with Christmas coming a pretty close second. She got lots of presents at Christmas but so did everyone else. Her birthday was a present day for her and her alone – and she loved it.

Fetch-me ran into the living room, her blonde ringlets bouncing, her cherry lips stretched into one of the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen. Her eyes zoned in on the humungous pile of presents on the table.

All her friends cheered as the birthday cake was brought in and she blew out the candles in one gigantic puff. She beamed as they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her and to no one else.

‘Fetch-me my lip-gloss,’ Fetch-me demanded. Her little sister was sent up to the bedroom to get the lip-gloss. Blowing out all those candles had dried her lips out dreadfully and she had to look her best, thought Fetch-me.

Top and bottom lip were deftly dabbed with cherry-glitter-glam – her favouritest, favouritest gloss. Fetch-me always insisted that her mother fetch her a new tube of it every week from the chemists. Fetch-me had a whole drawer of the stuff.

‘Fetch-me the first present,’ she demanded. Fetch-me’s little sister gently lifted her present off the table. It was a large pink box with a purple bow. Fetch-me just remembered to say ‘Thank you’ as she ripped of the wrapping paper. She wasn’t an ill-mannered girl and was keen that everyone should know it.

‘A cherry-glitter-glam vanity box!’ she exclaimed. She had been dropping hints to everybody about this present for months. Her parents hadn’t got her one. This had seriously put her nose out of joint at breakfast. But Fetch-me’s little sister had come up trumps again.

‘I saved up all my pocket money to get it for you,’ she smiled shyly.

‘Good for you,’ Fetch-me exclaimed. ‘Now fetch-me another present!’ she ordered as she shoved the cherry-glitter-glam vanity box under the table.

Present after present arrived, was unwrapped, oohed and aahed over and then promptly added to the pile. Fetch-me was exhausted. There were only a few more presents left – a cherry-glitter-glam desk calendar; a cherry-glitter-glam stationary set; and then finally a very little package was handed to her by her grandmother. It was wrapped in faded brown-paper and it was very, very small. The smallest present in fact that she had ever received. Fetch-me was furious.

‘What’s this?’ she asked disgruntled.

‘It’s your birthday present my darling,’ smiled her grandmother.

Fetch-me held it in one hand not knowing quite what to do with ‘such a shabby thing’.

She pulled off the paper, tossing it carelessly onto the floor. Inside was a little grey box – even duller than the brown paper wrapping she’d just thrown away.

Sighing she looked up at her grandmother and said, ‘Why, thank you. I’m sure I shall find some use for it.’

Privately Fetch-me thought that it was quite a poor show that anyone should give her such a disappointing present. ‘A new lip-gloss wouldn’t have cost her much and it would have been far better than this rubbishy little box,’ thought Fetch-me. As her granny went through to the kitchen to help serve up the birthday cake Fetch-me chucked the grey box towards her sister. ‘I don’t want this,’ she grumbled. ‘You take it.’

Fetch-me’s little sister gasped ‘Really? Can I have it? Do you mean that? You’re not just saying it?’

‘Of course I mean it,’ Fetch-me scolded. ‘I always mean what I say and say what I mean. I don’t want that present. You can have it.’

Fetch-me’s little sister gave her a great big hug and proceeded to open up the box in front of everyone.

Can you imagine Fetch-me’s astonishment as her little sister took out the brightest, most dazzling diamond ring that Fetch-me, or anyone else for that matter, had ever seen!

Fetch-me realised that she had just made a whopping big mistake. Her cheeks turned the colour of her cherry-glitter-glam lip-gloss.


Yes, Fetch-me got her just deserts. She’d been thinking about herself all day long and when the last little present arrived she selfishly considered it to be quite worthless and not something she needed to bother about.

Imagine that someone who knows you and loves you more than anyone has just offered you a present. You look at the present and think – that’s worthless, I want something fancier than that. Politely you say thank you but you throw the present away for somebody else to use.

God loves you more than anyone else ever. There is a gift from God waiting for you – but perhaps you don’t want God’s gift because you want other things instead. Perhaps you want fun and friends and money and clothes more than you want forgiveness for your sins. Fun and friends and money and clothes are all very well – but forgiveness for sins is what you need most of all. All good gifts come from God – but being forgiven for your sins,  also called Salvation, is the most precious gift – much more precious than even a dazzling diamond ring. Fetch-me didn’t realise the value of the present she received – she gave it away to her little sister. If you haven’t asked God to forgive you, if you haven’t trusted in Jesus to save you from your sins then you don’t realise the value of God’s gift of Salvation. It’s time to sit up and take notice. Ask God to teach you about how precious your soul is and that if you lose salvation and lose your soul – you lose everything.

What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul? Mark 8:36


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