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These two books are some of my earlier children’s writing. Hall of Fame Old Testament and Hall of Fame New Testament. The review is from CLC Magazine and was published in 2001.

What delightful books these are, my children love them!  Aimed at children of all ages, each book contains over 20 short studies of Old and New Testament heroes of God – but not the usual suspects!  The author has selected a gallery of rather more obscure but equally inspiring men and women who, if not well known by us, are famous in God’s eyes.  So for example, instead of reading about such Sunday school favourites such as Paul, David, Jonah and Moses, we have Rhoda, Jason, Jabez and Barzillai.  Each character’s life is described in an easy to read narrative, with a cartoon style portrait and illustration, followed by a “top tip” and relevant Bible verse.  I recommend reading one a day at breakfast or bedtime.  The children will love the uplifting and humorously told stories and I bet a few parents will learn about some Biblical characters they thought they had never heard of! But more importantly, parent and child alike will have an insight into how God can work in and through ordinary people, like most of us.  My children’s favourite top tip is the one about Eutychus – “don’t fall asleep by an open window”!


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I'm a writer and children's book editor based in Scotland.

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  1. Rhona’s a new one on me as far as Biblical names is concerned. Rhoda, surely!


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