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Book Scenario 3: Young Men’s Study Group

ImageA while back I got asked for some information on books to use at a young men’s bible study group. Here is what I recommended:

The Sporting Guide to Eternity – a year’s worth of devotional stories and pep talks for the Christian life. It deals with issues such as purity, truth, discipline etc. There are scriptures and prayers for every day. Written by an ex American football player for the Chicago Bears – who is now a committed christian, husband and father. He is the chaplain for the Scottish Claymores.

The other suggestion is the WEC bible study material which we co-produce. This is a large range of small booklets on either: Themes; Old Testament; New Testament; Characters.

Each book has no more than 50 pages and is A5 format. They are being used in a wide range of situations from new to mature Christians. WEC have been producing these for years with amazing results.

Here are some Themes: Freedom you can find it; Understanding the way of salvation; Freely forgiven a study in Redemption; The problems of life! Is there an answer; God’s heart my heart: World Mission

Characters: Abraham; Serving the Lord: Joshua; Achieving the impossible: Nehemiah; God plans for Good: Joseph; A man after God’s own heart: David; Grace and Grit Ruth and Esther; Men of courage: Elijah and Elisha

O.T; Triumphs over disasters Judges; Messenger of love Malachi; The beginning of everything Genesis 1-11; Hypocrisy in Religion Amos; Unshakeable confidence Habakkuk and Joel; A saviour is promised Isaiah 1-39; Our magnificent God Isaiah 40-66; The throne and temple Chronicles;The cost of obedience Jeremiah

N.T; The World’s only hope Luke; Walking in love John’s epistles; The early church Acts 1-12; Faith that works James; Made completely new Colossians and Philemon; Jesus Christ who is he?; Entering by faith Hebrews; Heavenly living Ephesians.


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