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Book Scenario 2: A book of prayers for an 11 year old


I have an 11 year old cousin staying with us and I think I need a book of prayers for her to read at night, she loves to pray every night, but is too shy to do it herself, but she’s happy to read something.  So far I haven’t had much luck in locating a good book of prayers that she could just select and read in the evening.  Does Christian Focus have anything along those lines? Do you know of something I could use?

Well the first book I’d recommend is : My first book of Bible Prayers.

This is a book about prayer that will give some really strong biblical foundations – and i believe over time will take away the fear of praying to God personally. Once you start using these prayers, encourage her after a while to add it a request of her own, thank God for something that happened that day.

I’d also recommend: A Young Person’s Guide to knowing God. This has a selection of 40+ stories with thinking spots and prayers. I think it is an ideal book to use for a devotional time with God as it has bible verses to read also.

We are Loved is a book written by Carine Mackenzie for 7-10 year olds – this is a book of stories and prayers and is aimed ath the 7-10 age range.


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