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My Seven Year Old is anxious… what books do you suggest?

Today I received an email from an enquiring parent about what books I could suggest from our list to give to her seven year old daughter who was anxious about new situations.

These are some of the books I suggested:

The Canterbury Place books deal with the following situations… life and death; health and sickness, friendship and bullying, love and loyalty.

I also think that for problems like anxiety the best thing we can do is to teach a child about God, to go through God’s Word with them, and in his word we will find the comfort and answers we seek.
So a simple memory verse book like My first book of memory verses or My first book about Jesus might be a good place to start.

I also think if it is story books you are looking for Building on the Rock series is a good all round series that will introduce children to a variety of true to life stories where people have trusted in God.

Real life situations where people have been afraid yet have turned to God in their distress would be good encouragement for your child so I would recommend the Lightkeepers series as a set of books to introduce those sorts of people and stories.

In addition to this I would recommend Trusting God by Carine Mackenzie. This book introduces us to the amazing, powerful, faithful God through the names the one true God is given in Scripture. There is no better way to find out that God is for you … so who can be against you by studying his character and person through his Word.


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  1. Good reply! Also the parents can teach him the first question of the Heidelberg Catechism. I always think it’s exciting that a bunch of pastors and theologians got together while they were practically all at risk of losing their lives and started their Catechism by teaching us where to find “the only comfort in life and in death”! They definitely knew what they were talking about. And it’s such a complete and Gospel-filled answer!
    This is a modernized version:

    • Thanks for this Simonetta, I love that part of the Heidelberg Catechism, it’s beautiful. Would you consider writing a children’s book on the Westminster Catechism and the Heidelberg? Just an idea.


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