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What’s What in Christian Focus Children’s Bible Stories


This post is to introduce you to the various bible story series that we have at Christian Focus Publications and explain their differences.

Bible Wise

There are fourteen titles in this series with two new titles scheduled for 2014. With a Read to me age range of 4-6 and Read Myself age range of 7-8 these books cover characters from the Old and New Testament – including the Birth of Jesus and the Resurrection. Exciting and accurate illustrations are accompanied by a biblical accuracy so that you know what your child is reading is the actual bible story. There is an application to the child’s life as well as a strong gospel message.

Bible Time

There are sixteen titles in this series. It has a Read to Me age rang eof 5-7 and Read Myself age rangeof 7-9. The Bible Time series are accurate retellings of Bible stories that have culturally authentic illustrations. Each book applies the story to the life of the child while also giving a strong gospel focus. The child will read bible stories from the old and new testament and discover that Christ is in all of the scripture.

Bible Alive

There are fourteen titles in this series which covers three characters from Scripture: Jesus Christ; David and Moses. Each book focuses on a different aspects of the character’s life. This series has a read to me age range of 3-5 and a Read Myself age range of 6-7. With a fresh modern illustration style this series gives a more indepth look at well known Bible characters – as well as being biblically accurate there is always a spiritual application to the child’s life.

Little Hands

This is a set of three delightful little children’s bibles with a Read to me age range of 3-5 and Read Myself of 5-6. Simple warm illustrations are perfect for the age range and throughout the book there are simple short stories with questions to ask and items to spot. Short and to the point this is an excellent series for little hands. This series covers general Bible stories as well as the Life of Jesus and Learning to pray.

The Creation Series

This is a lovely box set of eight books that cover the story of Creation as well as the Gospel. It is designed to help the developing reader and is written to a standard that families, educators and home schoolers will appreciate. With the writer’s interactive style these books will get your child involved in learning about God, vocabulary and fundamental biblical concepts.

God’s Little Guidebooks

There are two sets of books in this series – each packaged in a delightful little box. The Ten commandments set has ten little booklets  each one focussing on a different commandment. The commandments are taught through two little characters called Sam and Katy. They are busy little kids with lots to do and learn – in particular how to obey God.

The Creation set has eight books in it – one to cover each day of creation including the day of rest and then a book to explain how God makes us into a new creation when we trust in his Son Jesus Christ.

News Box

This is a set of nine children’s books engagingly illustrated and creatively told. Titles such as Postcards from Paul; Dr Luke’s Casebook introduce children to bible stories imaginatively but also accurately. Children read through the bible stories in ways that they won’t have before – in a diary style; in a newspaper style. Characters that they may not be familiar with appear in the two Hall of Fame titles. If you’ve not discovered this set before you’re in for a treat.

Jesus Teaches Us

This is a series of four books that teaches children about what Jesus taught about being good; being wise; being happy and praying. Illustrated by renowned graphic artist Jeff Anderson these books are written by the well-known theologian Sinclair B Ferguson. With their active sporty covers these books are ideal for young boys.


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  1. Children definitely need to learn about the Bible. You can find many great sources.


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