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What’s What in Christian Focus Biographies


This post is to help you understand the different biographical series we have at Christian Focus and explain their identities.


Written for 9-14 year olds Trailblazers covers the lives of different Christians fromr many walks of life. There are over 30 different characters in this series now. Each book uses tools such as description and dialogue as a way to introduce the reader to facts and history in an engaging way. Each book has extra features such as Thinking Further Topics and Timelines amongst other things.


This series is also written for 9-14 year olds. It focuses on Christians who were martyred for their faith and also has Thinking Further topics and other extras at the end of each book.

History Lives

With five titles, this series takes 9-12 year olds through church history from the Early church to the modern day.  The characters of Christianity are introduced through narrative stories as well as through extra factual features.

Hidden Heroes

With three titles and a fourth on the way this is a set of books that takes a fresh look at the lives and legacies of Missionaries. Each book takes a look at the life of a lesser known missionary – someone who is something of a hidden hero. And we see through their life that the real hero of mission work is God and what he does through people who leave their homes to spread God’s word and through the people who hear his word for the first time and believe. The combination of God, missionaries and the indigenous church make this series breathtaking! Illustrated throughout with thinking further section at the end – this book will get you and your kids talking!


This set of books is written for children aged 7-11. The focus of the series is how different Christians have taken risks to bring glory to God. So far this series covers the lives of missionaries as well as Christians from the early church. Each book focuses on several Christians and some books include one or two Bible characters as well. There are fact files and maps included as well as a quiz at the end of each book. There are black and white line illustrations throughout.

Light Keepers

This is a series that has two sets in it – one for girls and one for boys. Each book covers ten male or female characters from church history. Each set of five books covers 50 characters so that makes 100 characters in total. The chapters start with an introduction to the childhood of each individual Christian. Then each chapter concludes with a fact file, thinking section and prayer. Written for 8-12 year olds.

Little Lights

For a younger age range of 5+ this series introduces children to the real lives of real Christians. With full colour illustrations and in a sturdy hard back cover this is an ideal gift for a new reader as each double page spread has a line that the young child can attempt to read on their own.

Defenders of the Faith

The first title in this series is called Guarding the Treasure which focuses on the lives of different Christians that God used to preserve the Bible and spread God’s Word across the World.

The following are other biographical titles that are not in a series as yet.

Christian Heroines – Just like you

This is a compilation book that focuses on the lives of twenty-one different Christian heroines from throughout history. These are lives that should inspire young women to a life of faith and sacrifice.

The Golden Chariot

This is a children’s biographical mission book with a difference as it is written by children who have direct experience of being on the mission field with their parents. These are exciting true stories written by kids who have links to WEC and they come from countries as far apart os Australia, Peru, Korea, South African and the United States. Illustrated throughout this will give your children an amazing insight into God’s power and what being a missionary is really like.

War Child: Memories of a World War II Childhood

When bombs fell over cities like Glasgow and London people took refuge in shelters until the all-clear signal sounded and ‘normal’ life resumed. This is one woman’s recollection of what it was like to be a child in the time of Churchill and Hitler, where their was rationing, evacuation and bombs. This will serve as a useful insight for children studying World War II as it is written from a Christian perspective.

Patti and the Weegors – a Girl in China Discovers the Love of God

The delightful colour illustrations in this book take you straight into the world of Northern China – where we are introduced to a real life Weegor girl who comes to Christ.


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