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Jill Neilson and Jason Meyers – Day Two CDG

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Yesterday was my last day at CDG as today I’m taking a flight at 10.20 to Washington DC. So I’ll miss the final speaker, David Michael which is a shame. But listening to Jill Neilson’s seminar yesterday was great – so many practical pointers about instilling respect for God and holy fear for The Lord into the lives and experience of children.

I also enjoyed Jason Meyer’s talk last night. Real Holiness is either a terror or a treasure but it cannot in any circumstances be a trifle. It either repulses us or is glorious – but it’s never dull.

What is the point of Revelation 4? God the creator is worthy of worship in the splendour of his infinite otherness.

Rev. 6:15 This is when we begin to see the wrath of the lamb.
There is a day coming when some people will prefer to be crushed than face the holiness that they have been belittling all their lives.

If you’re teaching real holiness you can expect the reaction of John 3:19. Just remember that what you win them with you win them to.

So why would any sinner delight in God’s holiness – REDEMPTION. You can’t redeem your children – this is a miracle that God alone can do … to make the dead come alive. How? by Jesus Hebrews 12:24.

The blood of Abel says ‘guilty, guilty, guilty.’ The blood of Christ says ‘forgive, forgive, forgive.’

The Cross crushes us then heals us.
The Cross of Christ in the gospel is a mirror – we see look in it and say, ‘It took that to save me?’

If you think of sin lightly look to the price that was paid and your pride will be crushed.

Everyone has a day of humbling – it will either be the day of judgment or the day of conversion.

The Cross heals you – when some are wounded by life they either take it out on others or they can take it out on themselves. But our wounds can’t heal our wounds – it is by his wounds we are healed. The Cross crushes you, it heals you and then it makes your soul sing.

How little people know who say that holiness is dull. When you experience the real thing it is irresistible. CS Lewis


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