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Bruce Ware at CDG Confernce

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Enjoyed Bruce Ware’s talk this morning on the Revelation of the Holiness of God, based on Isaiah 57:15.

There is a dual nature to the holiness of God.
1. Transcendent Excellence of his holiness. He is separate from all things created.
2. Infinite and eternal purity. He is separate from all things sinful. God cannot abide sin. Psalm 5:4.

God’s transcendent excellence, his independence, his self existence apart from all things created. He alone is God. There is no one like him. Isaiah 46:9. He is exclusively, incomparably God. He alone is eternal. Everything else is made and made by him. Everything we have is from him and we are limited where he is unlimited. He is the creator and we are the creature. He is infinite and we are finite. He is eternal and we are temporal.

God is God- always is and will be. He never lacks anything. He is supreme and perfect in all his character. High and exalted. Lives forever. His name is holy. The seraphim say, ‘Holy, holy, holy.’ Not like the beatles who say, ‘Love, love, love’.

Holiness describes the Godness of God. He is separate from all things created. Love is intrinsic to God’s being but Holiness of God is more central to the fulness of God because love is a quality – no one gives it to him yet he has sovreign control to whom and in what way that love is expressed. … as in Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated.

God conrols whether, to whom, to what extent he will display that love. It is a sovereignly given love. A love that is targeted… as in the verse that says ‘As Christ loved the church.’

So is the holiness of God the same. No. You do not read, to Jacob have i shown holiness and to Esau unholiness. Holiness must be expressed. It cannot not not be expressed.

The demands of holiness are met on the cross. The cross is motivated by love.

God is self sufficient. Everything that God ‘needs’ is fulfilled within himself. He doesn’t need us. He did not have to create. Anything we have that we give to God we received from God in the first place. God does not need me.

In Gods very being he is separate ontologically from all other reality. He is separate morally from all things impure.

He doesn’t need the people he created to whom he now pledges himself. He claims them as his own when he does not need them, when they deserve everlasting condemnation. What a gracious God. It would be unbelievable were it not that God has revealed this about himself.

He chose to create his people, love his people and make them his own not for his benefit but for ours.

The nature of God is bottomlessly selfless by its very definition, he has everything to give and nothing to receive. C S Lewis

God is eternally separate in the fulness of his perfection as God and intimately near – tho there is one condition that you must be holy as he is holy – and that reality is achieved by God through Christ. What grace!


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