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The book chain…

Taken from William Mackenzie’s talk at Cyprus Leadership Conference

Richard Sibbes, a Puritan, wrote a book called The Bruised Reed. It was picked up by a tin peddler who gave it to a boy called Richard Baxter who wrote a boom A Call To The Unconverted, which inspired Philip Dodderidge who wrote The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul. This fell into the hands of William Wilberforce, changed his life and he became the great campaigner for the abolition of slavery. His book A Practical View of Christianity, lit up the soul of Lee Richmond whose book The dairyman’s daughter was instrumental in transforming the life of Thomas Chalmers in the 19th century, who in six years built 216 churches in Scotland and touched the world by his preaching…


My question … Is the chain still linked … ? Maybe not to Scotland? It went to the world maybe it’s making its way back?


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