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Blogging at Midnight

Blogging at midnight sounds romantic, better anyway than blogging at 2 am. I’m thinking about a talk I have to give next week at a convention on why we must teach doctrine to children… And why we can’t just give a sweetie shop pick and mix selection but teach all doctrine even difficult doctrine. It’s a ten minute talk so I’m either going to have to limit my words aka…concise, or I’m going to have to talk like they do at the end of those radio insurance adds… 200 words a second. Am also planning my next visit to the states. Booking flights tomorrow. Will be at CDG in Minneapolis in May as well as Washington DC, Texas and Tennessee for home schooling conventions. Oh my look at the time! As a good friend once told me facebook tattles on you if you are up past your bedtime so I can assume twitter and word press do the same. I’d better be off and brush my teeth.


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I'm a writer and children's book editor based in Scotland.

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