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I had a really good book table the other week at Kingsview Christian Centre. I had my float; my pen knife; my pen and paper; credit card slips and about 20 different titles (8-10 copies of each). That’s all you really need for a book table.

The church asked me to leave the books until the following Tuesday so that the Christianity Explored group and the presbytery could also have a look at the books. So any returns come back tomorrow.

Can I suggest that if your church doesn’t have a book table like this that you seriously think of doing one? Focus your choice of titles if you can. Pick a theme or if the table is for a special event cater to that. For example I’ve got two other book tables before the end of December so there will definitely be a seasonal Christmas theme to those.

Another idea is to offer the pastor the opportunity to choose a book for his congregation at a discount and pass that discount onto the congregation. Make sure you have plenty of this title so that everyone who is there can purchase one or two if need be. Then have at least five or more of every other title. Having one or two copies is almost pointless. You need to give an opportunity to people to buy. If your only two copies are purchased within the first ten minutes – then the next ten people to visit the book table will not see the book, and not even think about whether they want a copy or not.

If you can set up a good relationship with a book seller, perhaps even a publisher or two, so that you can supply books at a good discount and on sale and return – brilliant! This is something that I’d recommend you do once a quarter.

This next point is vital! Always make sure you are given the opportunity to plug the books on the night. Ensure that the church/venue advertise the fact that you are going to be there so that people turn up with a method of payment.

I believe that books are an opportunity for God to work in people’s lives. God uses means to bring people to himself. Primarily he uses preaching, but he also uses bible studies, Christianity explored and he definitely uses Christian literature. Your church, your community, your country could be changed for the better if Christians and congregations got behind good Christian books. Because by doing so they are giving more opportunities for God’s Word to impact lives.


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I'm a writer and children's book editor based in Scotland.

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