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Future Title: How Prayer Impacts Lives

This morning I’m working on one of our hip and coming adult titles: How Prayer Impacts Lives
A collection of testimonies from over 30 Christians about how prayer is essential to their lives. Right now I’m reading through an article written by my pastor John Fergusson. I think this paragraph is very pertinent as John gets married in a couple of weeks to his fiancé Louise.
“The answers that I have had to wait the longest for have concerned things that are personally very important to me, including work, marriage and the salvation of friends who are not yet Christian. When personal prayers go unanswered for a long timewemay doubt and question. Is it right to say the same prayers after many years? Does God hear me? Does prayer work? These thoughts have crossed my mind as I’ve waited for answers. We need to be reminded that the story of the persistent widow is a parable of Jesus-a story which he uses to teach us about our relationship with God and therefore how we ought to approach God. Jesus tells us to persist in our prayers and to be patient in our course as we wait for God’s answers. He knows better than anyone, for God heard his voice (Heb. 5:7). His voice was heard because he patiently lived in obedience to his Father. The parable teaches that it is GOD’S desire for us to persist and be patient.


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