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When i was at our church conference the other weekend Dominic Smart mentioned how we are often concerned about whether or not we are under a bible teaching ministry. Then he asked us whether we are just as concerned about whether we are part of a Bible learning ministry. He mentioned how he has spent the last twenty years preaching twice every sunday and at other times throughout the week.He has gone from sermon series to sermon series … but hasn’t really stopped to find out what his congregation are doing with that teaching. It was a very thought provoking point. And somehow or other the point seems to be raising its head again and again throughout other sermons and books that I’ve been in contact with. Why do I come to church looking to have my needs met, to be fed, where instead I should be going there in order to give – to give glory to God and to be enabled to reach the lost. Another preacher i heard many years ago – Eric Alexander – preached about worship and how we often talk about worship styles, as if worship was something we could purchase from a store. We talk about worship as if it is something for us rather than something for God. God is the consumer of worship not us.


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I'm a writer and children's book editor based in Scotland.

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