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Books coming out in November

There are several books coming out from our children’s list in November. The advance copy of one arrived on my desk this morning which was really exciting…

Jesus Christ to the Rescue – is the Easter Story retold with a specific emphasis on how Jesus Rescues and Saves his people. Children are introduced to the words Rescue, Help, Save and Find. They are given examples of how people do these things in our day to day world such as fire fighters, mountain rescue teams etc. But then they are taught about how Jesus rescues us in a better and different way… he rescues us from sin. This book has the same content as the Sent to Save board book series but has a paperback glossy cover meaning that it is suitable for a slightly older pre-school child.

God’s Special Tent – this has a cut out model section in the middle. But as well as the hands on teaching about the tabernacle this book also explains the theology behind it all – such as the holy of holies; the altar; the curtains and other items of furniture.

Love is: Published in time for Valentines day – this is not a hearts and flowers book about love – it’s a book about real love – the Love of God. Aimed at young girls 8-11 this devotional book has a months worth of material in it. Printed in red and black it has a strong visual impact as well as being biblical and practical. Based on 1 Corinthians 13.

Commanded: This is a devotional book on 1 Corinthians 13 but geared towards boys. It teaches them that love is more than an emotion it’s an action, a mission that we are to take on – to be more like God, the one who is love. Printed in Khaki and black this military look will help the readers to understand that love is something that a Christian man can do as he lives his life for God.

John Knox – he has to be one of the most maligned Christian men from Scottish history but when he returned from France to Scotland he was met by throngs of cheering crowds. John Knox is the next character to add to the trailblazer series. I describe him as standing there with a bible in one hand and a sword in the other. Starting off his Christian ministry as a body guard he was eventually brought into the preaching ministry – rather reluctantly. But he spent his life bringing the word of God to his people and his people to God’s church.

I’ll flag up more information here as it comes


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