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I’ve just downloaded an app from Desiring God – John Piper Daily Devotional. It’s great. Thoroughly recommend it.

The other app I’d recommend is another Desiring God one – it’s their Fighter Verses app.

It’s been a year since I was given an Ipad by my parents for my 40th birthday. And it’s taken me a while to get a good set of apps that I really like.

Concordia have done some nice audio children’s bible story books in the app format. Something that I hope christian focus will do in the future. I was looking for something to use alongside a normal children’s book – something different and found that they did a nice set on the lost sheep and the lost son. I usually find that rhyming books can be forced – but these two weren’t that bad. In the sunday school story time I used a normal paper book and then later on did the story again using my ipad.

It was interesting to think later on that one of the girls who used to be in my youth group is trying to start a pre-school class in Malawi – with virtually nothing and here I was with books, crafts, resources and an Ipad! Thankfully this girl is now in touch with other missionaries in Malawi who have given her a whole pile of resources that she can use. She is living in a village where they are going to be using a chicken coop as the classroom.

We can talk about apps – but what we really need in our culture is another app – appreciation for God’s gifts to us.


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  1. How do apps on mobile phones differ from websites on computers or programs on computers?

  2. 🙂 I’ve no idea. They are different because on the place I purchase them they are sold under iPad apps or mobile apps. But I’m not sure how they are different exactly. Both the apps I mention should have a mobile and iPad version I think. Just search for them on desiring god website. C

    • What’s an iPad? I used to read computer magazines and would probably have had some idea. I didn’t realise there were apps for both phones and pads (whatever they are). I still don’t know what an app really is.

      • Hi an iPad is a cross between a laptop and an electronic reading devise like a kindle. Its smaller than a4′, with a colour screen. Quite thin and could easily fit in a medium sized handbag. Apps are hard to describe as they are so varied in their function. Most of them are quick ways to access something that previously people would go on line for the same info, but they often give other features not available onl online sites. For example I have an app journal which has some interesting functions to it similar to a hand written journal. I subscribe to one or two electronic mags through my iPad. I have a growing collection of books on it, largely because I can no longer fit all the newcfp titles on my shelves, so when we do a title as an ebook I now opt for that rather than a hard copy. Still prefer paper books in general however. But recipes books are improved on as electronic copies. Printed recipe booarena,e up a lot of space and if used a lot can get stained ,this is avoided in electronic versions. And with all ebooks you can underline without feeling the guilt that you are vandalising the finished product. apps take me directly to websites I use regularly some are very similar to Microsoft office packages. IPad is not a mobile phone but you can Skype on it.

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