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How to be a bible princess…

I have had several great reviews for my new book How to be a Bible Princess. I’m going to paste the links in here so that you can follow these up yourself.

Kim Shay (

“Our young girls face a barrage of ugliness in the media. The examples that are directed their way through music and entertainment are often not the ones a Christian mother wants for her daughter. I found it refreshing to have a book that points young girls away from the examples of celebrities and back to Scripture. It is never too late to begin promoting godly character in our young girls.”

“Many little girls are fascinated by princesses. Having celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, in the UK, this summer, has done nothing to damp this interest!

Catherine Mackenzie has taken the lives of eight princesses in the Bible, re-told their stories, applied it (princess tips) and has a section at the end of each chapter Think about Jesus…we found this to be a useful read.”

“All in all, I think the book would be a great way to take your little girl’s princess obsession and use it to open up an avenue for Biblical learning and conversation about what behavior pleases God and what doesn’t. Mackenzie isn’t shy to call a princess out when she does something silly or selfish, and she praises things like bravery and a discerning spirit. And she isn’t shy to tell the girls when they should or shouldn’t emulate the woman she’s writing about. I also appreciated that only one of the women are from the New Testament–the rest are old Testament and range from the well-known Pharaoh’s daughter to a mother from 1 Kings that I had never heard of–I had to go read the original story afterwards! So, to close, I’d recommend this book for your favorite princess and since it’s cheap, maybe a few of her friends!”

“In a world where young girls are bombarded with images of too thin models wearing immodest clothes and too much makeup, a message that a daughter of the King of Kings is a true princess is just what I want my girls to hear. This book conveys the all-important message that an earthly princess is not the same as a true princess. A true princess honors God in all she does, and though she may not be the most glamorous or rich girl in town, God is enthralled by her beauty. He is inviting her to a place of royalty that does not pass away. (Psalm 45 is used- MY FAVORITE!)”

“With all the secular princess media out there, some with questionable subplots, it is so refreshing to find a book that draws a girl’s interest to the Biblical princesses and does it in a fun and engaging way. I loved the quote at the end that says, “a woman who loves God and his Word is to be praised. She is worth more than rubies and she is worth more than princesses that wear rubies. She is worth this because of her great God – and He is worthy!””

“Each chapter is engaging on its own and this book would make a great book to read a chapter from before bed. They are easy to read, as each chapter is probably between 10-15 pages and the font is not small. I was not familiar with Catherine MacKenzie before receiving this book to review, but I can assure you that I will be looking out for more material from her in the future.”

“Catherine Mackenzie’s book, How to Be a Bible Princess, is like a breath of fresh air for girls aged 5 to 11. Ms. Mackenzie shares the accounts of a number of Bible princesses, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses while making much of God and His work in each of their lives. From the outset of the book, Ms. Mackenzie makes it clear to her readers that being a Bible princess is about trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ to save them from their sins as opposed to status, power (being in charge), physical beauty, material possessions, etc. Through the example of many Bible princesses, this princess book calls the reader to live a selfless life, making sacrifices for the good of others and the glory of God.”

“How to Be a Bible Princess was written by Catherine Mackenzie. The book’s pink cover featuring flowers and glitter is sure to appeal to young girls. The book helps girls understand how they can be part of God’s royal family, clearly presenting the gospel message of salvation through Jesus.”

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