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ADVANCED INFORMATION: George Whitfield Trailblazer

Lucille Travis has just completed a manuscript on George Whitfield. I’m really enjoying editing it as I’ve not read much about Whitfield before. It’s not going to be published until November however and there’s no cover as yet but I’ll insert an image or illustration of Whitfield here for your interest. Apparently he had a squint eye, and by all acounts wore wigs. Anyway don’t let that put you off.

This morning I was reading a chapter that covered a preaching tour in Scotland and thought I would share this story…

“On his way to preach in Aberdeen, George and a companion stopped at the house of a poor widow in desperate need. When they entered the bare cottage George saw several children huddled near their mother. The poor widow looked worn and frail. The children’s faces were thin and pale, their clothes small protection against the cold. His heart was touched, and quickly George searched his pockets and gave five guineas to the widow. After they left, it was not long before his traveling companion said, “How could you afford to give her such a sum?”

George answered, “God brought her need before us so that we could help.”

They had ridden a good ways more when suddenly a highwayman rode out from behind a clump of trees, and demanded their money. They gave him all they had, and the robber fled away. George turned to his friend and said, “How much better it was for the poor widow to have the five guineas than that thief.” They rode on thankful to be unharmed, but scarcely any time passed before the highwayman was back. This time he demanded George’s wool coat. George gave him the coat. With a loud guffaw, the robber tossed his own thin ragged coat to George. “It is better than none,” George said as he put it on.

Glad to see the last of their highwayman, George said, “Since he has taken my coat and all the money we had between us, I do not think we will see him again.” When they saw the man returning again, George cried out “This time we must outrace him to the next village, or I fear for our lives.”

George and his companion rode at a gallop with the sound of the robber’s horse far too close behind them. To their joy as they neared cottages they saw help already coming. The man was caught, and after the excitement had calmed George took off the robber’s ragged coat, feeling as he did so a small bundle inside the pocket and drew it out. George’s  laughter rang out in the cottage as he opened the packet to find one hundred guineas. When George could finally stop laughing he said, “The Lord has given me far more than I gave the widow. It is no wonder the fellow was after me. This gift will fill many a need, and what a story we shall have to tell.”


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