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Step Up For Teens – June: Tell Me the Story by Alex MacDonald

When does your teenager become an adult? That’s a difficult question that only you know the answer to. They’ll be recognised as adult at different stages and for different reasons over a period of several years. They can get married at 16 but can’t pass the driving test until 17. They can’t legally drink alcohol until 18 in the U.K. or 21 in the States. They can’t drive a mini bus until they are well into their twenties. As far as their tastes are concerned you’ll see how they change over the years. It may be that you don’t exactly recognise the sounds coming out of their bedrooms as actual music… but that’s a discussion for another day.

Choosing or recommending books for them to read can be a bit tricky too. There is the risk of choosing style over substance. We can be so concerned about not offending their personal tastes and trends that we forget that content should be at the forefront of our minds. In this Step Up For Teens post I’m going to try and regularly give you pointers towards books that are floating at the edge of our adult list that can very easily find their way into your teens hands – from yours.

This month’s choice is Tell me the Story by Alex MacDonald. And when you look at the cover and content you’ll realise why this is a good choice. The visual impact of the cover is cutting edge and dramatic. It reflects the author’s style too – because he retells key eye-witness stories from the New Testament. Using biblical, contemporary and background data Alex skilfully retells the stories of Mary the Mother of Jesus, Simon the Pharisee, Bartimaeus; Zacchaeus and others.

You really do get the feeling that you are looking on – a witness yourself to the unfolding of God’s story of redemption.


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