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One of the joys of working at Christian Focus in the children’s department has been the opportunity to build a children’s publishing list. It’s nearly thirteen years now since I left my job at Scripture Union in Bletchley to work for cfp. And part of the privilege of this job has been the privilege of choosing titles that reflect new talent as well as old. I like the fact that I can reintroduce classic children’s titles from the past. So in this post I’ll introduce you to a few books that were amongst the first publications I authorised when I joined the company but that also have been books I’ve treasured since a young child.

Christie’s Old Organ by O.F. Walton

This book has a close tie to our family. I read it as a child but what I remember most about it is the fact that my cousin read it or had it read to her – and came to know the Lord through its message. O.F. Walton is known as a Victorian writer but she did in fact die in the 1930s. So her life spans quite a bit more than that era.  Her life spanned the years from 1849 to 1949. If anyone is interested in finding out a bit about her here is  a website:

Christie’s Old Organ is about a homeless child who is befriended by an old Organ grinder. Both Christie and Treffy the Organ Grinder are looking for peace in their hearts and a ‘home sweet home.’ A touching story. This is a fiction story with a clear gospel message.

I’d also strongly recommend O F Walton’s other titles:

A Basket of Flowers – – One of my favourite stories as a young teen. I loved the intrigue; romance and fight for justice in this tale.

A Peep Behind the Scenes – – A wonderful story that not only shares a strong gospel message but also points out that all that glitters is not gold and that having our own way is not always what it would seem.

Twice Freed – – A fictional retelling of the story of Onesimus from the bible – though fictional this book is very biblical. There is romance and adventure in it – but in addition to that a good factual grounding from the book of Acts and Paul’s letters.

All of these titles are books that will be enjoyed by young readers today. Something that is well written and has a message that warms a readers heart to Christ is very rarely found today. O.F. Walton’s books should be ready today for that very reason – she is a good writer and a good evangelist.



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