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Christian Hero – June – Helen Roseveare

I’m not sure if I’m anyone’s hero but I’ve had plenty heroes in my own life. People living the Christian faith in front of me became my heroes because of the love they showed through stories, scones and bandaged knees. Others that I’d never met stepped up to the plate through their adventures, sacrifices and their refusal to compromise. This month I’d like to focus on a particular Christian that you could add to your child’s list of heroes and to your own. If you’re going to Keswick this year you may actually get an opportunity to meet her as she is speaking at the Keswick Lecture in week 1.

Helen Roseveare went to the Congo as a medical missionary and during the rebellion there she was attacked and held captive for several months. After her release and recovery in the u.k. Helen eventually returned to the country that had now been renamed ‘Zaire’.

We have several books about Helen or by her that could help inspire you and your family towards God’s service. Helen’s life has been a trumpet call to others that Jesus is Worth it – whatever the sacrifice – He is worth it.

Young children :



Books by Helen Roseveare

If you want to watch an interview with Helen Roseveare visit this link:




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