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Book for Boys: June – Rainforest Adventures

I’ve got a couple of nephews and they love stories but sometimes they’re just not that keen on reading … or at least not to the same level as their sisters. I think that this is often because boys just think and are different to girls and we tend to forget that. Yesterday afternoon the girls spent a good part of the afternoon ‘crafting’. They took out the colours; card and scissors and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The nephew was ‘crafting’ in his own way. He had a magnet on a stick and a torch. He taped them all together and went round the house trying to shift anything that was made of metal. The torch was used for those particularly dark corners in Grandma’s house that Grandma often would prefer he stayed out of.

Now we don’t want to force kids into boxes. I know that kids like to read a wide variety of books and that girls often read boys books and boys sometimes read girls books and sometimes books are just ideal for both genders. But the genders are different and this is reflected in the games they choose to play and sometimes in the books they will choose to read.

It can be difficult at times to find good books for boys. So here is a bit of a heads up about one particular series. The first title published in this series was Rain Forest Adventures.

It’s a topic that is covered in school lessons and is frequently mentioned in the media. This book introduces the reader to the wildlife of the Rainforest as well as the experiences of what it is really like to be a front line missionary in South America.

Why is this book good for a boy:

1. It’s a factual book. This sometimes appeals to boys more.

2. It’s not sentimental or girlish. It’s a book that can be read by both genders succesfully.

3. It’s got a dynamic and current feel to it. There’s a good mix of geography; nature; history and real life stories.

Why this book is good for children’ who aren’t keen readers:

1. Each chapter stands on its own so it’s a quick read.

2. It’s got good illustrations.

3. Sometimes a child isn’t keen because they haven’t been given the right type of book. Keep trying different kinds of books. These books are different to the usually popular fiction adventure.

So if you’ve got a boy or a child for that matter who isn’t that keen on reading take heart – they may just not have found their favourite book yet; they may not be at the right stage in their life; keep trying; mix it up a bit; look for something different and don’t give up reading to them.


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