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I love the find the animal series by Penny Reeve and it’s great to be adding another four books to the mix. These little books have a good selection of faith, theology and education. Children are taught about their Creator God as well as the World he made, they are also introduced to basic learning skills such as colours, shapes and numbers. Bible verses are used throughout the book as well as questions to answer and things to spot in the pictures.

The basic concept of the series is for the child to slowly discover one particular animal as different parts of its body are revealed throughout the story.

I’ve read these books to a variety of pre-schoolers at different stages but by far they are best suited for children aged 2-3. Children younger and older than that enjoy the books too but it is the child who has just learned to point and recognise basic shapes and colours who enjoys it most I think. The 2-3 year old will really enjoy showing off his/her skills as this story is being read.

One thing to look out for in the new books is one of the animals from Penny Reeve’s native Australia – God Made Something Amazing has the Duck Billed Platypus in it.


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  1. Thanks for the great review Catherine! I’m looking forward to doing some pre-school focused events around Sydney to launch the new series. It is great to connect with kids through books and inspire their imagination/faith in our “great God” !


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