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It’s O.K. to Cry by Malcolm and Nick Cameron

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Many people struggle with unfulfilled desires. One that causes a lot of heartache is childlessness. It’s an issue for many both married and single people and it’s one that can be very difficult to talk about and share. Nick and Malcolm Cameron have written an honest, heartfelt, testimony of their own struggle with infertility. It’s not a – this is what you should do book – but instead it’s a – God cares book, God is there, and It is O.K. to cry.

One thing I found when reading this book was that though it is written primarily for couples who are going through the trauma of infertility – it is still a book that is helpful for those of us who are ‘weeping’ in other situations.

Some of us mourn the absence of children as we mourn the absence of a husband or wife. Single and alone we can go through similar emotions to someone who has been trying for a child with no success. It’s not the same – but there is still heart ache and empty arms.

Some of us mourn the absence of children who have left home or who have left us. Family break-ups, separations, empty nests – empty arms – and broken hearts.

Some of us mourn the absence of parents, a child hood, faithfulness in a spouse… there are many tears to shed and it is o.k. to cry.

Nicky and Malcolm’s book gives the practical story of one christian couple who have learnt this – through good times and bad.


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