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A Personal heroine – Meg Byres

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Meg Byres (my great aunt)

She may not have travelled to the other end of the world as some missionaries do but her influence for the cause of Christ was far-reaching. She was a woman of quiet prayer and I would often go to visit her towards the end of her life and find her in her chair with her head bowed. Her lips moved silently as she took time over prayer.

Born at the end of the 1800’s Meg died just as the Millennium arrived so her life spanned three centuries. She was born at a time in the Highlands of Scotland when to live in a town twenty miles away from home could very well be a life time’s separation from the loved ones you left behind. But her prayers covered every corner of the globe from the small fishing village that she called home to the holy land and beyond. Losing her sight almost completely as she got older she drew extensively on the scriptures she had committed to memory as a young woman. Two world wars and a catalogue of technology later she still shook a head in astonishment when thinking about the wonders of the telephone.

As she passed her 100th birthday she would often sit and wonder why she alone amongst her peers and family had been left to live so long. She wasn’t depressed or regretful of life – she just longed to go home to glory. On her 90th birthday she received cards and gifts from friends and family. My cousin smiled at her and said in ten years time you’ll be receiving a telegram from the Queen. (This is a tradition in our country. When you reach your centenary – the monarch sends a card or telegram.) My Auntie Meg’s response was ‘It’s not a telegram from the Queen I’m waiting for – it’s one from THE KING!’

Ten years later she did receive her telegram from the queen and two years after that she was called home by the King of Kings. She was ready to go.

Romans 1:16 – I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.


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  1. I was teling Cody about Mrs Byers (she wasn’t actually Byres, was she?) the other day on our trip to Caithness. I can’t remember exactly why!


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