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Sacking the Frontiers of Hell by Stewart Dinnen

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This book is written by one of C.T. Studd’s predecessors at WEC who carried on with the mission’s drive to sack the frontiers of hell and pluck brands from the burning. There is nothing more exciting that front line missions stories and WEC has a stable full of writers who have used these nail biting salvation tales to encourage the church and build up believers.

A book that is now out of print: Within a yard of Hell focussed on a spannish mission to aids victims and drug addicts but the same writer has now published a sequel Sacking the frontiers of Hell which takes the same stories but shows how WEC has worked with aids victims and drug addicts world wide.

The author Stewart Dinnen was International missions secretary of WEC and has over 40 years experience of training and motivating Christian leaders. He was able to observe the dramatic events that unfolded within WEC from first hand.

Publisher’s Blurb: 

How would you start a ministry to drug addicts and AIDS sufferers? In ‘Rescue Shop within a Yard of Hell’ we were introduced to the story of ‘Betel’. An organisation set up in Spain to minister to drug addicts and AIDS sufferers. Since then the organisation has experienced huge growth with centres set up in other countries around the world.


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